February 16 eclipse 2020 astrology

This is a good time to ask yourself where you find a sense of abundance, even in the cold and dark months. The focus of this full moon is on family. This could mean celebrating and strengthening bonds, or it could mean difficult conversations about wounds—both recent and ancestral. Get ready for things to take an interesting turn! Aquarius energy is all about thinking big—like, outer space big.

How can you help your community, and the world at large?

Eclipses: Tables

This is a great time to seek out your inner social justice warrior and sign up for some volunteer work. The future is yours! We welcome Aquarius season and all its charming idiosyncrasies with a new moon that focuses on looking inward and setting intentions. Manifesting abundance for yourself and others takes effort—how can you carry that out over the next moon cycle? This full moon in feisty Leo adds an uplifting jolt of energy into the winter sky. While we usually howl at the moon, tonight you want to roar. This moon is about embracing your personal power to break out of a rut and be all the heat you need—even when the temperatures have dropped.

The first Mercury retrograde of the year can throw you and your resolutions off balance. Mercury begins this retrograde in Pisces , so communicating your thoughts and emotions might be exceptionally difficult during this time. Mercury ends this retrograde period in Aquarius, which deals with technology and science.

Avoid making any big tech purchases for now. This water sign is deeply empathetic, showing us how to heal ourselves and others just make sure to protect your own energy; keep your boundaries. Things calm down a bit with a new moon in sensitive Pisces. Pisces is the sign in the zodiac most associated with psychic abilities and intuition, so using the dark sky as we kick off the season is perfect for some dream work. Keeping a dream journal can be a great tool to understand your subconscious and hone your intuition.

Embrace this period of rest. Celebrations take many forms and getting yourself organized for a new season can be invigorating. This full moon is a perfect opportunity to start some spring cleaning, swap out your winter wardrobe, and think about any new routines you want to adopt for the coming season. The spring equinox marks the beginning of the astrological new year! Today marks a period of intense drive, as we shake off the winter and feel ourselves being charged by the sun. Things are about to move fast as Aries season moves underway.

As things begin to thaw and come back to life outside, we feel the same pull in our spirit. As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is the spark that lights the fire for the rest of the year. As the baby of the zodiac, Aries energy is fresh, bright, and raring to go. We can honor this sense of curiosity and youth by letting go of old habits and patterns under the new moon. Who would you be if you could start from scratch? By releasing the past, we can march boldly into the future. The sign of the scales, Libra is all about balance.

This full moon is a chance to find your footing and enter the next few weeks on more solid ground. Remember though, balance is also about compromise. Be prepared to give in order to get something back. Time to find what feels good. Taurus season is about living the good life—treat yourself!

Saturn, Pluto, Nodes & Eclipses - ASTROLOGY OF 2019 - PART ONE

Taurus is an exceptionally sensual sign, concerned with pleasant taste, touch, and scent. It asks us to consider how the decisions we make contribute to our stability. The sign of the bull can be stubborn, but in this sign, we learn how to slow down and make decisions that last.

Entering Taurus season, it feels like all your senses are alive. We experience awakened sensuality—with a desire to touch, see, taste, and feel everything. So when the sky goes dark under this new moon, it teaches us how to use our other senses for both perception and pleasure. Pluto spends about half the year in retrograde, and it serves as a lesson in letting go. Ruler of the underworld, Pluto retrograde challenges us to look at our lives and cut out the things that no longer serve us. A Scorpio full moon is a particularly intense lunation, bringing up themes of sex, death, and transformation.

Instead of feeling intimated by its light, try making friends with your dark side and invite it into the light, where things seem a little less frightening. Saturn is the planet associated with karmic debts, so if there is any unfinished business out there, now is the time to resolve it.


Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

Right now is a wonderful opportunity for review and revelation. What has Saturn been teaching you since December of ? Are you ready for Saturns move into Capricorn? Enjoy my thoughts and let me know what you think of this very first SOLO episode! To learn more about Saturn in your chart, be sure to check out the informational video download, at www. Venus, so bold, so beautiful, so revealing, tells us so much about our heart.

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Jules talks about the Venus star points and looks a little closer at my chart to show you how important the cycle of Venus truly is! To help you follow alon. In todays episode, my partner Tareck and I shed light on some truths about relationships to honor the current transits in the sky. Who do we want to be in partnership with, who do we want to be as a partner? Enjoy this candid conversation about love and the challenge that follows. That crisp breeze in the air.

Those leaves turning over to new vibrant hues. A new season is here yet again, reminding us that everything is impermanent. Change is the pulse of life. And so, in this episode we share some changes we're experiencing as individuals, and for this podcast.

Accessible Astrology with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy

Wishing you all ease in your transition into this last phase of For as much joy and heart exploding love that motherhood provides, it also brings tremendous fear, worry, frustration, loneliness, anger and rage, shame and guilt. After weeks of radio silence and a much needed break, we're back to share our personal reflections on the eclipse, Mercury retrograde and our sentiments about the current state of astrology. We hope our honest chat invites you into inner conversation and deeper reflection of what this chaotic time means for you.

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To support our work, visit us at Patreon. If there's one thing the world can always use more of, it's LOVE. On this episode, we chat with the creators of the first Radical Love Summit coming up the weekend of August 18th in Denver, Colorado.


These ladies have come together to create this wonderful and heart-opening event, which includes several speakers and experts in the field of relationship. As we step further into the portal of the upcoming eclipses, we step deeper into the heart of the transformation we're all experiencing on deep levels.

On today's episode Sol Wit Jonassen returns to the podcast to talk about her unique offering called Soul Flow, which aims at welcoming all parts of ourselves into a more unified whole. We trust you'll find medicine in her fluid and heart-centered approach -- something all of us can use during this transitional time. To learn more about Sol and her work visit. Set aside whatever you've heard about the upcoming eclipses and have a listen to Gemini Brett as he poetically articulates a beautiful perspective of this monumental astrological event.

We hope this conversation provides new insights, clarity, and hope for the future. To become a patron and support our work visit patreon. Just us ladies chatting about the intensity of the Full Moon in Capricorn, the upcoming eclipses, and our insights on Pluto, the planet of power, mystery, and redemption. We go into the deep transformational process of this moon cycle and share stories to help support your experience.

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