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A good example of this is his work with cycles, particularly the lunation cycle. Rudhyar's work in this area has reminded us to pay attention to the dynamic movement of the planets, to see them as moving rather than static points. No longer were Full Moons described as conflicts between the conscious and unconscious selves. The Full Moon and the other seven phases were described as parts of a process, a dynamic relationship between these two essential bodies.

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Every phase is seen as coming from somewhere and going somewhere. Astrologers were given guidance in understanding that even if the birthchart is fixed in time and space, we and the planets are not. Working with the lunar phases opened the door to a view of astrology which challenged astrologers to see patterns in new ways.

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Rudhyar's work with the lunation cycle has importance far beyond the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. It reminds us to examine all planetary patterns in light of the larger cycles in which they exist. In a sense this has "feminized" astrology which has primarily been dominated by male consciousness for over years. The masculine approach to life and to astrology has focussed on points, on fixed elements for interpretation and control. Males lack a visible monthly cycle which leaves them separated from the dynamics of nature and the cosmos.

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This has allowed them to act as if they are not part of nature, but outside it and untouched by it. The ecological devastation in which we currently live is one result of this. But the lunation cycle reminds us that relationships are about connections, about waves, cycles and spirals, not about separate points. As we become more and more conscious of the nature of cycles, we can not help but see ourselves as part of a larger process. Rudhyar, even if intellectual in many ways, has helped us reconnect to the wholeness of existence which can help us heal ourselves and our planet.

In this way his work marks a return to an ancient worldview in which all living things are connected. At the same time Rudhyar's work has helped to lead us towards an evolutionary perspective, one in which humanity is in the making and the future is ours to create. His extensive writings on the outer planets, for example, is one of the ways in which he has led us towards a new vision of ourselves.

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A key in his understanding of the outer planets is their role in transforming the ego-bound self limited by Saturn to one of cosmic consciousness. The process though, is one that paradoxically emphasizes both the individual and the collective. That is, that we each are unique individuals with choices to make about ourselves and our actions. Each of us can and must act to fulfill the potentials as shown in the birthchart. Regardless of cultural or social conditioning, there is an essential human and personal will, which allows us freedom to use our resources in individual ways.

But the context for individual expression has collective impact. Thus Rudhyar saw the outer planets as means to evolve beyond the strictly personal and to move to the transpersonal.

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In this way each of us contributes to collective consciousness and collective growth. It is important to point out though, that Rudhyar wrote about the importance of culture in relationship to astrology. He said that each culture develops its own astrology. This seemingly simple and logical idea is not found in other astrological literature of this century. In this way Rudhyar reminds us to pay attention to the world we live in.

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Not to remain enclosed in its parochial perspective, but to understand the inherent limitations it imposes on us. By knowing the prejudices of one's time and place, one can choose to go beyond them. Rudhyar, trained in music, drew on many sources for his inspiration. He studied theosophy, was conversant with Eastern religious traditions and drew from a variety of philosophical sources. It was because of this breadth of learning and experience that he was able to move from the technical to the spiritual aspects of astrology with such ease. He combined all of his education to bring astrology to a higher level of value for all of us.

Rudhyar's work also challenges us. It does not allow us to retreat into fear and denial. His writings showed a compassion rooted in intelligence, not sentiment, which permitted him to maintain a high level in all of his work.

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